An Abandoned Dam over Deep River

March 29, 2016
Sanford, North Carolina, is a sleepy little town in Central North Carolina where one would expect to find amazing barbecue joints tucked into little shacks in the old part of town. The truth is though, that the most interesting part of Sanford, North Carolina, is in a local park just feet from a normal wooden picnic table. The former location of a large dam that is now composed of just one concrete tower overlooking the Deep River. This is a beautiful location that combined eerie ruins and a scenic overview of the wilderness in the park.

Deep River has been dammed in some sense ever since the 1800s, but the remnants of the Dam date to the building of the Carbonton Dam in 1921. It was a long concrete dam that blocked the curve in the Deep River, which is a tributary of the ominously named Cape Fear River. This dam was a mere 17 feet tall, but it stretched all the way across this wide location, some 200 feet. It was in use until 2005, when the dam was dismantled and the original flow of Deep River was restored for the first time in more than one-hundred years. Nilesh Tailor has always been fascinated by these strange locations one can find all around North Carolina. This picture perfect spot has been of interest to Nilesh Tailor for some time now. Tailor is a QA testing professional who lives and works in North Carolina.

North Carolina's Can Opener

December 15, 2015
Durham, North Carolina, isn't a town that many people have been to. But, it's a city that many people pass through on their way to somewhere else. This is especially true of long-haul truckers and delivery professionals, who often traverse the city on their way to somewhere else. Nilesh Tailor knows this because he is a North Carolina resident who loves visiting the various places that are interesting in the state. He has been to see the major sports stadiums and the most famous barbecue joints, but there is something incredibly interesting to him about the obscure and odd places in North Carolina. This includes the locally famous “Can Opener”.

The corner of Gregson and Peabody streets in Durham, North Carolina, contains a railroad trestle—a passage of a railroad over the road. However, this particular trestle is of local interest because it stands at only 11 feet and 8 inches of clearance. This is two feet below the minimum clearance standards, which makes it pretty dangerous for modern trucks to pass beneath. The end result is that when trucks that are too tall pass beneath the trestle, it shaves the top off like a can opener. Nilesh Tailor has been to see this trestle before, because such landmarks like this in North Carolina are of interest to him when he is not working as an IT professional. It is shocking how small the opening is and how close it looks like the cars and trucks come to the bottom-side of the trestle.